Steering Board

The EAI Steering Board is the top strategic body of the EAI Strategic Forum. It is responsible for overseeing the Strategic Forum agenda and initiatives, the identification of its strategic guidelines and for their international representation and exposure.

The Steering Board is composed by:

  • A representative from the Institutional members cluster. The cluster includes Universities, NGOs, public sector innovation agents, Regional and Local agents, Research and Scientific Institutes. 

  • A representative from the Corporate members cluster. The cluster includes business agents and corporations. 

  • A representative from the SME members cluster. The cluster includes small and medium enterprises as well as SME associations and networks. 

  • A representative from the Affiliated members cluster. The cluster includes European Institutions, National and Local Institutions, Professional Societies. 

  • A representative for International Cooperation, representing worldwide EAI membership.

Steering Board activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing and approving the Strategic Forum outputs

  • Overseeing the consultations regarding the initiation of Working Groups with other Strategic Forum members

  • Offering inputs regarding priorities and topics related to the Strategic Forum development and promotion

Chair of the Strategic Forum: 
Afonso Ferreira
Institutional members representative: 
Tiziana Catarci
Corporate members representative: 
Eliezer Dekel
SME members representative: 
Anilkumar Dave
Affiliated members representative: 
Erwin Grosspiescth
International Cooperation representative: 
Gabriel Silberman

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