Community Partners and Societies

Through Affiliated Community Partners that include Professional Societies and innovation organizations EAI connects relevant stakeholders in the Innovation value chain to benefit form their research results and activities. By allowing EU Societies to use state-of-the-art tools to bring their results to other communities and to achieve greater outreach and impact, EAI pursues the goal not only to address the issue of fragmentation but to help Societies exploit research result towards technology transfer.

Europe’s innovation potential relies upon Professional Societies. The EU Commission DGInfso report on “ICT scientific societies at the dawn of the 21st century: which opportunities for Europe?” identifies the key challenges European Societies and Europe face due to fragmentation of efforts and activities.

As the largest grassroots innovation community EAI builds on its presence in all aspects of innovation, its broad membership of institutions and individuals and its outreach, inviting European Professional Societies to join to work together toward a common goal.

The Participation Package the EAI offers to its Affiliated Members includes:

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