Strategic Forum

The Strategic Forum is the strategy and advocacy body of EAI, where leading minds with insight and influence in industry, society, and government come together to engage in the mission of advancing innovation in Europe through EAI and its many facets.

The Strategic Forum is formed by organisations from five main clusters: Affiliated, SMEs, Institutional, Corporate and Internationalization, sharing the same belief in the importance of promoting innovation in its various forms. For the full list of members please click here.

In its strategy role, and by virtue of the high profiles of its members, the Forum defines the EAI strategic priorities and ensures the necessary exposure of initiatives and member activities. The Forum’s international scope and extensive reach and representation allow it to be the catalyst for broad community participation and progress on innovation initiatives. 

The Strategic Forum also represents the broader EAI Community membership of individuals. The Community benefits from the Strategic Forum’s engagement, advocacy and insight. So too does the Strategic Forum benefit from the expertise and insight of the Community . Through the structure and management of EAI these individuals representing all levels of the Innovation Cycle, professions and fields, come together to advance innovation in Europe.

By becoming a member of the Strategic Forum, an organisation is making a public statement that it believes innovation should be a fundamental societal good – that through facilitated and managed innovation not only industry can thrive, but society as a whole can benefit. 

Organisational members are also communicating to their own membership or employee base that innovation is a priority within the respective organisation.

The Strategic Forum of EAI is destined to become the place where European and global leaders turn to understand innovation, its direction and impact on society.

Through the Strategic Forum, member organisations:

  • Access a pan European platform endorsing and promoting their initiatives and activities
  • Access an innovation based network of agents traditionally fragmented and isolated
  • Access joint initiatives such as White Papers, Recommendations, Best Practices , Knowledge and Skills sharing
  • Access a unified movement advocating for the promotion and impact of ICT-driven Innovation
  • Address specific thematic challenges through the Innovation Cycle Working Groups
  • Leverage their products and services at the international level
  • Find strategic partnerships and business alliances
  • Share and disseminate their messages and contents through the EAI tools (EAI Community, Newsletters, Publications, Summits, Conferences)




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