Publication for Innovation

EAI Manages the European Union Digital Library (EUDL) in line with the European Commission's Agenda 2020 objectives of providing a comprehensive Open Access publication portfolio in support of innovation.

EAI Publications employs e-Scripts, a novel collaborative community peer-review  process to achieve shorter "time to market" with higher-review-quality publications. In this way EAI can provide a significantly increased impact on innovation, utilizing web technologies to obtain massively-connected diffusion systems.

EAI publications are indexed by all the major traditional and cutting-edge scientific indexing services, including Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search and DBLP.

Harness the power of EAI community

Whether you are a researcher or entrepreneur by publishing your work with EAI, you connect to EAI's online community allowing you to reach a 75K+ community of experts, receive feedback, collaboration and access dissemination opportunities for science and for innovation.





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