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EAI Transactions are peer-reviewed, community-driven research journals covering the latest specialist topics at the emerging intersections of IT and other fields. Supported by an international network of editorial boards drawn from leading experts in their disciplines, EAI Transactions reach out to an audience of over 150,000 members worldwide. Thanks to the transparent, community-based e-Scripts review system, EAI Transactions are paving the way to the future of open and fair scientific publishing. 

Benefits of EAI Transactions

Fast online publication

  • All papers published in EAI Transactions are Open Access.
  • Speedy, effective review with the European Commission DG INFSO endorsed e-Scripts community-review-based online submissions management system.

    Submitted papers are reviewed by the e-Scripts research community using an innovative bidding process. The thoroughly transparent e-Scripts review process increases review quality by simultaneously evaluating the performance of reviewers and the impact and exploitation potential of the published paper. read more...

Open Access

  • Open Access is a publishing model where the electronic copy of the article is made freely available with permission for sharing and redistribution. Currently, all articles published in EAI Transactions series are Open Access under the terms of the Creative Commons with Attribution license and published in the European Union Digital Library.
  • Open Access articles are known to enjoy a citation and dissemination advantage over other forms of research publication.
  • No longer is there a need to ask permission to reuse text or figures from your own publications!
  • Open Access does not require authors to transfer copyright to the publisher, thus it is compatible with the novel publication policies of universities such as Princeton, which forbid copyright transfer (read more).

Indexing and beyond

  • Selected EAI Transactions are indexed in all major indexing services, including EI, Scopus, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, DBLP, Engineering Information, the ISI Science Citation Index, EBSCO, DRJI, CiteSeerX and others…
  • … but we do not stop at supporting traditional indexing services. In order to increase attention and the probability of citation of your article in Web 2.0, EAI supports innovative web tools that enable researchers to better share, classify and disseminate articles via the many different social bookmarking and networking services.

We are keen to hear your feedback on the growing list of services, new tools and opportunities we provide, and your thoughts and ideas for additional features you would like to see incorporated. Please submit your feedback to contact, marking “Transactions Feedback” in the subject line.

We look forward to working with you to create a vibrant, open series of digital publications!

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